Tea Rose Perfume

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This Tea Rose fragrance is a delicate, whimsical, elegant floral that compliments any Lady. It elevates one's feminine essence and beauty. A lovely floral addition to your collection.

Experience the elegance and whimsy of Tea Rose Perfume. Delicately crafted with a beautiful floral scent, this perfume captures the essence of a blooming tea rose garden.

The fragrance opens up with a delightful burst of freshness, revealing the subtle hints of rose petals that perfectly complement its feminine nature. The scent is further enhanced by its delicate floral notes that are both calming and refreshing.

The Tea Rose Perfume is perfect for those who appreciate delicate yet captivating fragrances that leave them feeling confident and empowered. It's an excellent choice for any occasion, be it formal or casual.

With its beautifully designed bottle, this perfume makes an excellent addition to any fragrance collection or makes for an ideal gift to someone special.

Experience the beauty and elegance of Tea Rose Perfume today!

30ml spray bottle