About Wellness

Wellness Parlour was created as Fifi Defreitas set out to research, train, practice and immerse herself in the ancient root causes of pain and disease, its debilitating effects on  the body and the most effective new and ancient remedies to conquer pain; whether mental, spiritual, emotional or physical.
Her philosophy of training the body to heal itself has enables hundreds of clients to achieve incredible feats of total wellness within their bodies. Her claims in the space of healing are exclusive; she creates bespoke treatments that matches each client’s need and therefore initiates healing from the very first treatment on a cellular level. The effects of which can be felt from session one. She has earned a reputation as a leading force in the field of pain healing, exquisite product results and total holistic wellness.

Her products are created with the same ethos as her treatments; high quality results every time with ingredients your body will love.

As a result of her years of study, she is highly certified in many healing and wellness disciplines. Kinesiology, Acupuncture and Aromatherapy among others.

Fifi's clients range from Lawyers, Coaches, Pharmacists, Retirees, Businessmen and Individuals who desire to be pain free and regain their optimum quality of life.

​Other Areas of Expertise:

Advanced Kinesiology, Massage, aromatherapy, Tension Myoneural Syndrome (TMS) & Pressure Point therapy among other healing modalitites.