ONE ON ONE THERAPY  £150   (RRP £250 )


This session will be done at my clinic. In this session, the state your body is in will be readily apparent to me as I test you using one of the modalities I am trained in; Kinesiology.

*You will be treated on site.

*You will also be sent (via royal mail) all of the necessary remedies that showed up as a necessity for you including instructions. 

*You will get a scheduled Skype call post treatments so we can track your progress.



For this therapy you do not need to be in the same building, city or country. This therapy is for the busy body who does not have enough time to come to the clinic.

*You will be treated and tested just as if you were in person. 

*You will be emailed all of my findings and you will be sent (via post) all the remedies that show up for you during the testing phase including instructions. 

*You also get a Skype session after you take the remedies so that we can track your progress and improvements.

Single symptom Session £72 (RRP £120)

This is a Kinesiology testing session for a single test session from ONE of the following:

Allergy Test

Emotional Test

Energetic Test

Parasite Test

Physical Test 

Nutritional Test

This can be done in person at our Wellness Suite located in Kidbrooke, London or a surrogacy test can be done if you are unavailable. You will then be called with your results being explained and a wellness map will be created to guide you back to health. This Therapy does not include any supplements. These will have to be purchased separately. 

Therapy can also be bought as gifts for your loved ones.