The bomb is a natural herbal blend that cleanses the bowels and cells of waste and also stimulates the cells of the gallbladder and liver. It comes in capsule form and you can take 2 capsules immediately after you wake, chased by double your normal water intake, tummy massages and a calm day at home near the toilet cause... you'll need to stay close to the toilet! After your first bowel movement, you will then take 2 Maxi Minerals to nourish your cells with all the minerals your body requires to be in a vital state.


N.B. eat well during this cleanse to help your body with the elimination process. More veg, water, grains, fruits. Less to no dairy, no sugar, less salt, no processed foods and cakes during this time. Steamed and grilled foods are great during this time.



20 cell cleansers - 2 per day in the am

20 Maxi minerals - 2 after your first bowel movement. 

Info leaflet with instructions. 

The bomb - cleansing and building system