F.A.Q 's

Who own Wellness Parlour?

Wellness Parlour is 100% owned by a black woman who was born in Guyana, South America. As a teenager migrated to the United Kingdom and has been living there ever since. Her name is Fifi DeFreitas.

Who makes my products , how can I be sure ?

Wellness Parlour blends are created specifically by Fifi DeFreitas who is a qualified certified Aromatherapist, kinesiologist and Holistic Therapist. You can look at instagram.com/wellnessparlour for behind the scenes videos of product creation and a feel for our company owner.

What happens if my order is returned to sender? 

If your order is returned to sender, you will be prompted to purchasing a reship fee listed on our website. 

What if my item never arrives?

If your item never arrives, Wellness Parlour's hands are tied. We would have to wait for the item to be redelivered to us and then we will reship to you upon purchase of your reship delivery sticker. 

What happens if my item says Delivered but I haven't received it?

Wellness Parlour cannot be held responsible for any shipment issues caused by any postal service. If your item says delivered via the postal system yet you haven't received it, you must chase up the postal service for your item. Due to time constraints once Wellness parlour posts the item, postage issue become yours to rectify with the Postal company. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

What happens if my parcel is not picked up from my postal centre after attempted delivery?

Once Wellness Parlour has posted your item, collecting that item becomes your responsibility. If the item is returned to us, you will have to pay for redelivery.


  1. What forms of payment can I use?
    Wellness Parlour can be purchased using any Debit, Visa and Credit Card. All Sales Are Final.
  2. How many items can I buy in one purchase?
    There are no limitations on purchasing at this time (this may change during high volume periods).

Cruelty Free

  1. Does Wellness Parlour test their products on animals?
    Wellness Parlour is and will remain a cruelty-free company. We do not test our products on animals nor do we allow suppliers or affiliates to conduct testing on our behalf. 

Purchasing Issues
Q. Where can I purchase Wellness Parlour Limited?
Wellness Parlour products can be found exclusively at www.wellnessparlour.com

May an order be placed without an account?

Setting up an account with Wellness Parlour is beneficial to our clients for several reasons including but not limited to sales, new product launches, discounts and seasonal offers. As we want you to be a part of our Wellness Parlour family, having an account is the only way we can ensure you have a safe and secure experience. This also protects of business from fraudulent business charge-backs.

How can I find out about restocks? 
If you are seeking a discontinued product, please message us and we will see if we can bring an item back. You can also sign up to our mailing list and be kept up to breast with all our activities and exciting upcoming launches.

How often do you restock merchandise?

Some items are restocked every 8 days and some are restocked every 3 weeks.

Can I cancel my order once I made a purchase?

    All sales are final. In some cases, orders are shipped before 5-7 business days in which case we cannot cancel your order that is already shipped.

    How can I change my address after I placed an order?

    You may email customer service at wellnessparlour@gmail.com 

    Address corrections require a £3.00 processing fee.

    Moving forward, orders status will not be discussed via Instagram comments or DM’s.

    NOTE: There is a possibility that an order may get shipped out in less than 24 hours.

    NOTE: All emails will receive a response within 48 BUSINESS hours. (email responses may get delayed during high volume times)